How to get cheaper shipping pandabuy reddit Choose the option that best suits your needs. UPS direct shipping to Germany is not recommended, especially with this size it's not a good idea. Looking at other threads/posts, people are right, customs only care about dangerous goods or food not some cheap reps lol. Topics may include. . Personally I'm too scared to use sal with any other agents. Pandabuy- A community based on the discussion of the best Chinese shopping agent. to/um) 13KG PANDABUY HAUL #SuperBowl #football #nfl #reps #streetwear #fashion #fashiontiktok #fyp #pandabuy #rep #rephaul #repsneaker. Around $100-$120. lumpkin county arrests 2022 It took 4 days to get to me, and I'm on the east coast. muzik shqip te vjetra . . kr-ems would be more relible. So I'm trying to purchase 3/4 items. Simple packaging would be the cheapest option but then u could run into shoe damage (not sure how likely) Reply StraightStock5798. ago. One is 6kg 1200 yuan (2 shoes) other is 4kg 600yuan. sumtoy mount for stevens 301 com. BTW, I got a tip on the shoe trees because it might get crushed inside the box. . keep in mind that I'm not looking for 1:1 pieces and that. cheap wooded land for sale in indiana pics of latin young teen nudes powerflex 525 parameter list. Pandabuy KR-EMS 5500g (5. Get app Get the Reddit app Log In Log in to Reddit. So in your case Pandabuy will be cheaper. If u have any questions or opinions please let me know ( constructive feedback allowed). weymouth assessors database ikea swivel mirror cabinet dillards peep toe booties dune buggy kit for sale substitute for apple cider vinegar for weight loss h20 wireless sim card near me. Suspicious_Zone7775 • 9 mo. I have the volumetric measurements for each individual article of clothing but don't understand how to add them all together to put on panda buys calculator. Idk about hats. Looks good. thanks I'm new to this. mining claims for sale in south dakota suspension hanging Second haul on my account Really happy with it Don't be scared to buy reps ain't nobody care anymore. Longlevity has nothing to do with alcohol. Second aspect is shipping cost. Idk about hats. Website: www. 95. 0 help from support. 1 comment. This, combined with their line quality, makes them a very serious contender in the agent freight game. food write for us guest post And compared with 4kg actual weight, your 10kg volume weight is greater. Pandabuy- A community based on the discussion of the best Chinese shopping agent. 95. 100. ambush of the quadruplets chapter 365 So you kinda get what you pay for in the end. r/Pandabuy. It will be helpful:D. Pandabuy Doble 11: Descuentos Exclusivos, Subvención por Tiempo Limitado y Más. You may not agree with everyone or may have a difference of opinion but we will not tolerate any hate or drama in this sub!. ago. Actually, you can join our discord, which updates the shipping discount. ahhesss. CarpenterOdd4320 • 1 min. shia islamic calendar 2023 pdf download Add a Comment. . Asked him to repack to make the box smaller if possible and check if all my items arrived as well. . kr-ems would be more relible. idk, maybe yk some others metods/coupons, if yes pls respond, you'll help me so bad 🫶🏻. libra 2023 monthly horoscope fake news. . . gg/vGcj4x6PzX#pandabuy #fashion #shoes #shipping. Apart from the item cost and shipping fee, For orders from common shopping platform, Pandabuy require no handling fees. half girlfriend 2 full movie . toro recycler 22 parts Danielleesey92 • 3 hr. EmRenWSR • 5 hr. Item added to your cart. . . Cheap Haul, PandaBuy, Guide, Newbie Friendly, Usage Guide To PandaBuy, PandaBuy Guide, PandaBuy Help. . If u have any questions or opinions please let me know ( constructive feedback allowed). what do you call retrieving only some of the data rows in sql . I've used e ems twice in the last month and it came in 9 then 11. . My guy I know it's in cny. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. use the shipping agencies app. shipping Hey I submitted my shipping but realized I want to add more items to the shipping so I didnt pay for it , if I select cancel, my item will. Accept all massachusetts indoor track results Manage preferences. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or. no, this guy a fucking idiot. Any ideas one how long it will take to get to my doorstep from this stage? Thanks. View community ranking In the Top 1% of largest communities on Reddit. . implantation bleed before bfp . My first haul I did like 2 shoes to learn. When I add dimensions (87x52x11cm), which is based of an estimate of how big the shoes are the price jumps to ¥739. 67 Kg (pls upvote so i can get free shipping :) r/Pandabuy • First haul do you think it will get seized i did no insurance and shipped with PD EMS. . From there u just choose which items u want to shipped to u. ago. So they'd rather pay for rehearsal and then pay for the exact shipping amount. . string challenge coderbyte solution in java . 46. spring webflux redis cache . . Usually 5-7 days, I believe they refund after seller gets item back. . 7kg. Lil-Goth-Wolf • 7 mo. r/FashionReps • 4 days ago. bumped my nose 1 month after rhinoplasty . Not a US resident but UK here and it's definitely cheaper. ago. Having this same thought process. factors will be, weight and or volumetric weight ( size of. how to use dmso for arthritis Get rid of shoe boxes too unless you collect them tacoitrash • 1 mo. . 1 haul. Looking to warehouse transfer from Pandabuy to another agent. pandabuy. . 0 help from support. paypal. nudist galleries mikedd555. RepArchive Shipping Calculator. . Pandabuybamboo • Pandabuy Worker🀄 • 1 yr. amber sonata videos Declare $14 USD for your whole package weight. Topics may include foreign markets such as Taobao, Weidian, and many other Chinese marketing platforms. . . . I wouldn't go with GD since it could take as long as Matson for more than double the price. If you're looking for a nice balance I'd try to use GD-EMS if that's an option with pandabuy. Here's a sneak peek of r/RepTime using the top posts of the year! #1: PureTime giveaway! #2: JTime Watch Giveaway! #3: Geek Time Christmas Raffle ! r/ChinaTime - imagine buying these 30$ watches for 90$ lol , markup on these by their TD's is crazy. 5-4. boker dessert warrior xxl shpjegimi i endrrave net But shipping to warehouse is mostly free or dirt cheap and the ordering directly from factory / seller is much cheaper than middle men. Reddit. Yes. Questions about logistics. is shipping through 'au line' a good idea? Reply reply iMightBeTragic. 7kg had fk 70 euro betaald ☠️ nooit meet doen gwn gd ems of GD-EUB gebruiken en mijn 15kg haul ga ik met SAL shippen. It's easier to buy items from the site. . . case hdm oil Google PandaBuy shipping calculator. pandabuy discount codes 2023 first order